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TENDOACTIVE® is a nutritional supplement based on type I collagen, C vitamin and Mucopolysaccharides. Because of its special formula, it is recommended for athletes suffering from tendon aches. TENDOACTIVE® is sold in soft gelatine capsules.

Can TENDOACTIVE® provoke a positive in an anti-doping control?

TENDOACTIVE® has been analysed by the HFL Ltd. Laboratory from UK, authorised by the World Anti-Doping Agency. The agency did not find any prohibited substances.

Where can I purchase TENDOACTIVE®?

You can find out about our dealers in this same website by clicking HERE.

How should we take TENDOACTIVE®?

Take 3 capsules per day for 3 months. Stop taking it for the next 2-3 months. Repeat this pattern to have optimal nutrition and joint care.

What could happen if I do not respect the interruption periods?

There are no problems if you wish to take the product without interruption. TENDOACTIVE® is a natural and safe product, and its formula and dosage have been designed in accordance to the daily recommended quantities (Royal Decree 1275/2003 in relation to nutritional supplements).

What is the best moment of the day to take it?

The effects of TENDOACTIVE® are always the same independently of the time for taking it. We do advise establishing a certain time of day for the daily dose (for instance, after the breakfast).

Can we combine taking TENDOACTIVE® with ARTROACTIVE®?

Yes. There are no interactions or side effects if we take these two products at the same time. The recommended dose of TENDOACTIVE® is 3 capsules daily, 2-4 (depending on the degree of wear) for ARTROACTIVE®.

What is the role played by Type I collagen in Tendons?

Tendons withstand traction forces. Collagen gives them resistance and flexibility to transmit these forces.

What is the role played by vitamin C?

Vitamin C is important in the formation of collagen structures. These are fundamental components of joint tendons. This is why we affirm that vitamin C is most important in maintaining the tendons’ structure. Moreover, is a proven fact that vitamin C stimulates the synthesization of collagen.

What is the role played by mucopolysaccharides in the tendon?

In an injured tendon, collagen fibrils are separated and dispersed. The mucopolysaccharides structure and put in order these fibrils, determining the final shape of the tissue.

Are there any scientific studies about this product?

In 2000 a study was carried out with 200 athletes. That study examined the effects of mucopolysaccharides, including ARTROACTIVE®, as a non-pharmacological nutritional supplement for those subjected to a high degree of joint wear.

Where can I find that study?

The study of the effects of giving mucopolysaccharides to athletes suffering from joint wear problems is available at this same website and can be obtained by clicking HERE.

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