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Importance of Nutritional Supplements for Joint Care
Mucopolysaccharides, vitamin E, collagen, or vitamin C, are the most important types for joint care

An increasing number of studies demonstrate that our population suffers from multiple nutritional deficiencies. On one hand, our present-day lifestyle increases our nutritional needs but, on the other hand, people have less and less time to cook a healthy and balanced diet. Also, over the years our diet standards have varied substantially and we have ceased to include in our diet some nutrients essential for our health.

This is why the objective of nutritional supplement for sportspersons is to address the deficiencies in essential nutrients through our daily diet. Also, these deficiencies are higher in elite performance sportspersons, due basically to the physical and specialized exercise they perform. In these cases, nutritional supplements are fundamental to maintain an optimal physical performance of the sportsperson. Moreover, injuries are frequent among sportspersons, particularly those involving joints. This is why it is highly recommended taking nutritional supplements as these can prevent injuries as well as accelerating any recovery. In general, the main objective is to care for joints so that they suffer a minimum of stress, thus obtaining an optimal joint and sportive performance.

Mucopolysaccharides are responsable for giving elasticity and lubrication to our joints cartilage
Nutritional supplements recommended for joint health are:

Mucopolysaccharides, which are substances that are made internally by the body naturally, and give elasticity and lubrication to the cartilage in the joints. In current diets, the comsumption of organ and meat fat has dropped enormously. These foods contain elevated doses of mucopolysaccharides. This is why it is important to supplement our diet with a nutritional supplement containing this substance. Vitamin E is an antioxidant vitamin that is essential for our boty, as it helps protect our joints. A nutritional supplement in the form of a combination of vitamin E and mucopolysaccharides is the perfect combination to care and nurture joint cartilage. Type I collagen is a fibrose protein forming the connective tissue. In relation to joints, high quantities of collagen are concentrated in these parts of the body transmitting strength, such as tendons. Collagen is the element giving tendons rigidity and resistance to traction when subjected to stress and flexibility when it is bent, compressed or twisted. Type I collagen added to a nutritional supplement is the ideal supplement to care the joint tendon. Vitamin C is vital to the formation of collagene. This is why we can say that vitamin C is resposible for maintaining the structure of tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bone. Vitamin C helps to synthesize collagen in the tendon, and therefore it is essential for our tendon’s health.

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